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GBS Group, Inc. was formed in 1979 and operates regional offices in Dallas/Ft. Worth and Chicago. We are a unique company specializing in enhancing the corporate environment by providing office interior asset maintenance and restoration services. As one of the largest independent certified textile service companies in the United States, we specialize in developing customized maintenance programs for carpet, furniture, natural stone, tile, and wood. These important assets can be very expensive initial investments, therefore many organizations don't want just anyone caring for them.

In 1997, working with the technical departments of a number of major carpet mills, GBS achieved a consensus of the most effective chemistry and cleaning methods necessary to insure that our clients maximized the appearance life of any carpet manufactured.

The following year, researching major companies renowned for achieving customer satisfaction, GBS completed a major study of the best customer service procedures utilized. The adoption of these methods resulted in GBS being selected as a “Best Practices" award winner in the international competition sponsored by Arthur Andersen in the category of “Exceeding Customer Expectations”.


We are an organization of professionals who believe that providing quality service is a fundamental obligation. We also believe our client's successes are achieved because they hire the “Best of the Best” employees and vendors. It is our responsibility to live up to these expectations every day and strive to exceed them whenever possible.