Your company has made a significant financial investment in its carpet, furniture, wood, stone and tile. At the same time, the appearance of these items can make a powerful statement to your clients and employees about your business. A professionally planned maintenance program for these assets can more than double the life, both saving replacement costs and enhancing your corporate image.

That is why Fortune 1000 and other major clients turn to GBS Group, Inc. More than three decades of experience as the industry leader in consulting, restoration and maintenance services has resulted in an exceptional record of exceeding customer's expectations time and time again.

Maintenance Programs

GBS Group, Inc. has worked closely with our partners to provide the maximum benefits possible from our services. Beginning with the manufacturers' recommendations, we customize each service program to match the unique requirements of the client's facility. We then compare each program with the company's corporate objectives to insure maximum value. We expect our programs to:

As office interior asset consultants, GBS Group designs maintenance programs that address all aspects important to corporate management. Beginning with the manufacturer's recommendations, we customize our programs to match the precise environmental conditions present throughout each facility. Once this evaluation is completed, we work closely with management to insure that financial and operational needs are thoroughly met.

Sustainable Office Environment

At GBS Group, we are not only dedicated to keeping your office environment clean, but helping to improve the impact on the envirnment at the same time. By utilizing green cleaning chemistry and processes, we can build a green maintenance program specific to your faciliities needs. Our cleaning processes are designed to maximize a clean, healthy office environement and reduce the environmental impact. We utilize the best methods in the industry that will keep carpet looking great and at the same time improving indoor air quality and minimizing the environmental impact of maintenance services.

Double the average useful lives of our client's significant investment in furniture, carpet, wood, or stone. Thus, preserving cash for income producing projects.


Present the best image possible of the company to clients and prospects.


Improve workplace conditions critical for attracting and retaining the best employees.


Improve air quality, there by reducing employee sick days and increasing productivity.


Reduce janitorial costs and free valuable oversight time of facility personnel.


Perhaps just as important, a pristine facility image always enhances the perception of the effectiveness of the facility personnel.