Hard Floor Surface

Tile Restoration & Maintenance

Cleaning, sealing and maintaining your tile, grout and stone can be a complex undertaking. However, it is absolutely essential in order to maintain the beauty, cleanliness, and sanitary state of your tile floors and anywhere else you have tile and grout. At GBS Group, we have extensive experience in proper tile and grout cleaning procedures and using the proper tile cleaning products that provide the best possible cleaning results without damaging your tile, grout and stone surfaces.


Terrazzo flooring is also one of the most versatile flooring choices available in the industry. Made by mixing marble, granite, quartz, or glass chips into a cement binder. Because of terrazzo tile’s incredible durability, it is perfect for high traffic areas such as lobbies, hallways and tiled outdoor areas for just this reason.  GBS Group can properly clean and polish terrazzo flooring to help restore its original look! Adding a floor sealer will allow your terrazzo to become very resilient to water and stain damage. Finally, if the surface of the terrazzo floor gets worn down over the years, it can be re-finished and polished to look like new again.

Tile Cleaning – Not all tile floor cleaning services are the same! We utilize a combination of tile floor cleaning machines and hand scrubbing for maximum results. These include soil, debris and haze removal, and stripping of many old topical sealers, waxes and acrylics.

VCT Floor

Strip, Clean, Wax & Polish- We can polish your floors or strip your existing wax buildup and remove dirt to produce a "high gloss luster" to your vinyl flooring. New factory finishes can be improved. For VCT flooring, applying a fresh coat of wax will provide protection and a sparkling shin.

Vinyl and LVT Flooring

Vinyl flooring is resilient and stands up well to heavy foot traffic. It is comfortable for foot traffic and diminishes noise, which can be significant for facility managers. Vinyl flooring comes in a wide range of colors and patterns to match every decor, along with a variety of lifelike wood grains. For many reasons, LVT flooring is one of the most popular flooring choices for commercial offices, break rooms, and café bar areas. Many vinyl floors should never be waxed nor should harsh chemicals or scrubbers be used to clean the flooring. GBS Group’s professional can help to assess your specific needs based on the type of floor you have and our years of experience.

Concrete Floor

Interior concrete flooring is a very popular option for businesses today, whether it’s installed in an office environment, industrial setting, warehouse, or retail store. Businesses may choose polished or stained concrete, epoxy coatings or sealed concrete.  Without question, concrete flooring is very durable and can withstand the toughest of treatment even in the highest of traffic office environments. When a concrete floor is properly maintained and sealed, it can potentially last a lifetime.